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“Blaine Bartlett’s materials reflect the decades of research that has gone into his work. He provides some of the best material on prosperity that I have experienced.”

~ Bob Proctor, Star of “The Secret” and Best Selling Author of “You Were Born Rich”


"Blaine Bartlett’s ability as a coach to design process and content that are both elegant and effective, yet challenging and stretching, makes him one of the most impactful leadership coaches I’ve had the privilege to work with.”

~ Magdelana Mook, Executive Director and CEO, International Coach Federatation (ICF)


"Blaine Bartlett is a leadership genius who delivers incredibly great content and results! His grasp of his material and his ability to engage audiences is spectacular. In short, he’s a consummate professional who is both relevant and effective."

~ Mark Victor Hansen, NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”