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Could You Use Another Tool To:

- Consistently Be Your Best Self?

- Better Engage And Inspire Those You Work With?

- More Consistently Achieve The Results You Want?


  • Do you need to promote a mindset that sees beyond the most current crisis?

  • Do you wonder how to "be" a leader that inspires the commitment you need in order to meet the challenges of your business?

  • Are you concerned about how to increase the resiliency of your business in these uncertain times?

  • Are you needing to create an inspired and engaged  team that consistently shows-up fully invested in thriving while doing what's necessary to survive (the Stockdale Paradox)?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you will absolutely love what this mastermind program will make possible for you and your organization.


During my 40+ year career, I've worked globally with CEOs, executives, and their teams. These are the questions that kept them up at night and are likely the questions keeping you up. These are questions that, in today's pandemically challenged times, require answers now more so than ever before.

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"You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end — which you can never afford to lose — with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be."

~ Admiral James Stockdale



52 Practices to Transform Your Leadership Mindset

52 weekly mastermind sessions facilitated by Blaine Bartlett and Doland White

A digital copy of The Leadership Mindset Weekly

Structured mastermind group interaction

Participation in private  Membership and Facebook groups

2-Day Private "Deep Dive" Webinar

And bonus material not found in the book!



Imagine being the kind of leader who ...

  • Inspires others to be fully engaged, eager to share ideas and who are invested in the achievement of the organization's success
  • Has created a team that is focused on striving to build the business by supporting and leveraging its bigger mission and purpose
  • Has developed and inspired a team dedicated to driving your business to the forefront of your industry by creating change in new and exciting ways
  • Is consistently boosting efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving within your teams
  • And ... as the executive leader of your business, you experience extraordinary outcomes. You create sustained financial growth and a culture of excellence that attracts and retains your best talent.
At only $197/month this mastermind program is ridiculously affordable for anyone. Most mastermind programs of this kind are priced well in excess of $20,000 with some approaching $100K!
So, why isn't this one?
Simple...we recognize we're all in uncharted waters economically, politically and socially and we need leaders who are up to the task of creating a generative future for all. Providing you with access to proven, impactful resources that make this possible is why we are making this offer.

A little bit about the program...
  • Through the power of mastermind we help leaders explore how to co-create coordinated movement that produces sustainable success that is intentional and disciplined.
  • Behaviors are always a function of mindset which is why sustainably changing is so difficult. Mastering the process of changing behavior is, arguably, THE most important skill we can acquire as a leader - for ourselves and for our colleagues, clients and families. This program directly addresses this challenge.
  • By joining this mastermind you will gain over half a century's worth of insights from both myself and my partner Doland White. Each week for 52 weeks Doland and I will be facilitating a high-value exploration of one week's LEADERSHIP MINDSET WEEKLY practice that you can apply in just minutes each day to create an extraordinary life by improving your leadership expertise.
We're using the power of this mastermind program to dive deep into 52 powerful leadership tools and practices expressly designed to support you when you need it the most.
Our goal is to improve and dramatically transform your Leadership Mindset through the geometric power of the mastermind and the intentional use of these practices - aggregated over a full year!


"No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible,
intangible force which may be likened to a third mind."
~ Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich ~


During my 40+ year career I became very aware that organizations typically could not produce lasting change through traditional leadership skill development training programs...because the focus in these programs is almost never on what really needs developing.
To help leaders like you and organizations like yours, I created The Leadership Mindset Mastermind to specifically and intentionally focus on practically applying the principles I know work into weekly exercises that create conditions for success ... through leadership that is focused by a particular kind of mindset.
The Leadership Mindset Mastermind creates results - weekly - that positively changes your leadership, your workforce and your business.



You will improve your leadership effectiveness and, as a consequence, be more certain in uncertain times, be more confident, and create more impact.  Enroll today!


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"Blaine Bartlett’s ability as a coach to design process and content that are both elegant and effective, yet challenging and stretching, makes him one of the most impactful leadership coaches I’ve had the privilege to work with."

Magdalena Mook
Executive Director and CEO, International Coach Federation (ICF)

"Blaine Bartlett’s materials reflect the decades of research that has gone into his work. He provides some of the best material on prosperity that I have experienced."

Bob Proctor
Star of “The Secret” and Best Selling Author of “You Were Born Rich”

"Blaine Bartlett is an absolutely amazing speaker. I encourage everyone to experience what I have with him."

David Meltzer
CEO, Sports 1 Marketing, 2016 Variety Magazine Sports Humanitarian of the Year, and a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor

"Blaine Bartlett is a leadership genius who delivers incredibly great content and results! His grasp of his material and his ability to engage audiences is spectacular. In short, he’s a consummate professional who is both relevant and effective."

Mark Victor Hansen
NY Times Best Selling Co-Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and “The One Minute Millionaire”

"Blaine Bartlett's leadership coaching is both effective and outstanding.  On a 1-1 basis he effectively moves you out of your comfort zone in order to recognize blind spots and grow to the next leadership level.  In a team setting, he proactively surfaces group strength and weaknesses in order to capitalize on positives while addressing negative areas in a safe productive manner."

Joy Powell
President, Springbuk

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52 weekly practices to transform your Leadership Mindset

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  • 52 Weekly Mastermind Sessions Facilitated by Blaine Bartlett and Doland White (Clients pay $120,000 per year to work one on one with Blaine)
  • Digital Copy of The Leadership Mindset Weekly
  • Structured Mastermind Group Interaction
  • 2-Day Private Webinar
  • Participation in private Member and Facebook Groups
  • Bonus Material Not Found In The Book
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  • 52 Weekly Mastermind Sessions Facilitated by Blaine Bartlett and Doland White (Clients pay $120,000 per year to work one on one with Blaine)
  • Digital Copy of The Leadership Mindset Weekly
  • Structured Mastermind Group Interaction
  • 2-Day Private Webinar
  • Participation in private Member and Facebook Groups
  • Bonus Material Not Found In The Book
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