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My name is Blaine Bartlett. I teach leadership and I'm very good at it.

Here are two VERY sobering facts:

  • 86% of leaders rated themselves as inspiring and good role models (Source: McKinsey & Company)
  • 82% of employees see their leaders as fundamentally uninspiring (Source: Gallup)

Leadership is easy to talk about but it's actually very difficult to deliver on consistently. To address this gap, I've developed six amazingly impactful
Masterclass programs that make it truly "easy" for you to understand
and apply leadership principles I've spent almost 40 years learning.


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Six Amazing Masterclasses

Each Masterclass is a deep dive into major leadership domains that enables you to minimize unintended consequences of your leadership activities by learning how to co-create coordinated movement.

Included with Your Program

  • Six fully integrated Masterclass Programs
  • Transcripts of all six Masterclass Programs
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • A 25% discount to the acclaimed Leadership Mindset Mastermind


An digital copy of Blaine's newest best seller The Leadership Mindset Weekly: 52 Weekly Practices To Transform Your Leadership Mindset

Magdellana Mook

Executive Director and CEO, International Coach Federation (ICF)

"Blaine Bartlett’s ability as a coach to design process and content that are both elegant and effective, yet challenging and stretching, makes him one of the most impactful leadership coaches I’ve had the privilege to work with."

Bob Proctor

Star of “The Secret” and Best Selling Author
of “You Were Born Rich”

“Blaine Bartlett’s materials reflect the decades of research that has gone into his work. He provides some of the best material on prosperity that I have experienced.”


Pushkar Anand

Barclays, London

"My 3 year custom-made programme with Blaine was worth every penny and has helped me evolve as a leader immensely. I have no doubt in saying that this has been more valuable than a Harvard-Yale or Oxbridge degree - and as an alumnus of this select set I can confidently say that!"

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