Are you ready for true TRANSFORMATION?

Let's dedicate a year to truly revolutionize yourself and by extension, your business and your life.


Did you know that you are just a few actionable changes away from being the leader you strive to be?

Trust me on this... I have over 40 years of experience developing leaders around the globe.


Have you experienced...

  • A calling to truly develop yourself as a person and as a leader?
  • A struggle to inspire enthusiasm in yourself and your team? 

  • A desire to bring more to your business and your life?

  • Uncertainty about how to take the next step forward in your business?

  • Difficulty holding on to or inspiring your employees?

  • A strong desire to move yourself and your organization to the next level this next year?

You're in good company!

Leaders and visionaries just like you all want the same and are dedicating themselves to  intentionally designing a year that designs them and their organization in return.


In The Next Year, You Could…

  • Radically transform the way you move through life and the results you see from it
  • Vastly expand your organization's profits
  • Acquire an arsenal of actionable ideas and strategies to increase your and your organization's productivity
  • Be a part of an incredible, exclusive network of global leaders consciously transforming how business is conducted

Can you see it? All the things you want to experience out of your life and business this year? Let's make it happen.


The Leadership Mindset Mastermind

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Let's take you and your organization EXACTLY where you want to go this year...

Six month's worth of  powerful lessons over the course of the program that are designed to produce weekly results that positively change your leadership, your workforce, your business, and your bottom line.

 How does this sound?

  • You will experience extraordinary outcomes... you will create sustained financial growth and a culture of excellence that attracts and retains your best talent
  • Beginning on Day 1, you will start acquiring actionable¬†strategies to consistently boost efficiency, creativity, and problem-solving within yourself and your teams
  • You do all of this with an absolute minimum of unintended consequences to clean up.

Blaine brings over 40+ years of powerful, effective leadership experience


Blaine is President and CEO of Avatar Resources, Inc., a consulting firm he founded in 1987. The firm has affiliate offices in four countries. He is also an active member of the Transformational Leadership Council and sits on the Board of Directors of the World Business Academy and the LA based Unstoppable Foundation as well as the Advisory Boards of the Tokyo based All Nippon Management Coaching Association and the Asia Coaching and Mentoring Association based in Beijing.

While living in Japan in the early 1980’s, he led the business and international consulting division of one of the largest and most successful Human Resource Development and Consulting organizations in Asia

He is also Founder of the Institute for Compassionate Capitalism, a Managing Director of the Global Coaching Alliance, an Adjunct Professor at China’s Beijing University, a member of the teaching faculty at the American Association for Physician Leadership, and a regular co-host of Office Hours on Apple TV

I Want To Work With Blaine

Mastering the process of changing behavior is one of the most important skills we can develop as leaders.


95% of all behavior is the result of unconscious mindset. Which is why producing sustainable change is so difficult.

This program directly addresses this challenge enabling you to produce the kind of results and engagement you need today. 

Through the power of this mastermind you will have access to over 40 year's worth of insights from work Blaine has done with clients around the world.

Each week for six months Blaine will personally facilitate a high-value exploration of one week's LEADERSHIP MINDSET practice that you can apply in just minutes each day to create an extraordinary life by improving your leadership expertise.


What They Have To Say...



“Blaine has created an amazing leadership program consisting of weekly practices that are both thought-provoking, engaging, and habit-shifting. In the Leadership Mindset Mastermind, I'm able to learn and utilize intriguing concepts in leadership principles to be a more effective leader in my workplace, my community, and in my home. Blaine’s approach challenges me to consider what’s possible from spiritual, cognitive and physical perspectives and how to ‘co-create coordinated movement’ that will surely enrich my life in my role as a professional, a husband and father, and as a human.”

- Todd Wilday, Manager

“Your Leadership Mindset Mastermind professional development program is phenomenal! The content provides value, relevance and is masterfully organized with simplicity and immediate implementation and application.”

- Wanda Ferguson, Entrepreneur

“Being an engineer and approaching most things through analysis and data, I can be a ‘hard nut to crack’ when it comes down to taking a hard look as to the way my thoughts, perspective, and feeling can influence my success for either the good or bad. The Leadership Mastermind sessions have taught me how to engage that uncomfortable, non-visible part of me and made me significantly more aware of how to redirect it. I highly recommend the series.”

- Doug Decker, President

Your  investment includes FULL access to the acclaimed Possibility to Profit Leadership Mindset Mastermind program including...

Weekly mastermind lessons personally facilitated by Blaine Bartlett
Digital and hard copies of The Leadership Mindset Weekly
Structured mindset interaction in a custom designed meeting environment
Participation in private membership pages and Facebook groups
A private group only 2-day "deep dive" seminar
Curated bonus material not found anywhere else

This Mastermind Is For You If...

  • You are¬†serious about improving¬†yourself and your¬†leadership effectiveness
  • You are dedicated to creating sustainable, long-lasting results
  • You want to see more out of your employees
  • You¬†have big goals for yourself and your organization in 2024
  • You¬†believe in your power as a leader to truly effect change
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